I want to create a cake that is tailor-made especially for you. Please feel free to send any ideas you may have but each artist has their own style which is why I do not make exact replicas.


Unfortunately, I do not create allergy-free items at this time


Cost of delivery depends on the location. Minimum delivery of $30.


I only do deposit on events over $500( which 50% is needed). All other orders must be confirmed with full payment. My bookings are on a first paid/first served policy. Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event.


I recommend 2-4 weeks in advance for celebration cake and up to 6 month for wedding cakes to place an order. The sooner an order is placed, the better the chance I can take it since I only do a limited amount per month.


Custom tasting boxes are available. They come with 5 cake flavors for $25. You can schedule a pick up or in-person consultation to go over pricing and any ideas you may have. Please bring in any inspiration so we can create the best cake for your event.


Wedding cakes and custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify. Our cake serving size is 1”x2”. If you are servings larger slices of cake and run out, we are not responsible to provide additional cake.


I do not do sheet cakes. Extra serving cakes will be made into single round tiers to accommodate your needs.